Use Drill to Transaction on a cell that contains one or more SUM functions.

The formula that you use Drill to Transaction on must be valid. The source line item and the SUM mappings must belong to the same module. Valid formulas include: 

Sales transaction.Amount [SUM: Sales transaction.Org]

Sales transaction.Amount [SUM: Sales transaction.Product, SUM: Sales transaction.Org]

Sales transaction.Amount [SUM: Sales transaction.Org] / 1000

Sales transaction.Amount [SUM: Sales transaction.Org, SUM: Sales transaction.Time period]

When you select Drill to Transaction, the source module is filtered by the dimensions chosen in the summary module. Only list formatted items can be retrieved.

To use Drill to Transaction:

Select a single cell, then either:

  • Right-click and select Drill to Transaction from the dropdown menu.
  • In a module, navigate to Data in the toolbar, and select Drill Down.
  • Press Alt+F8 on your keyboard.

A new tab displays. It shows a filtered view of the source module's dimensions that are included in the SUM formula.

The constraints below apply when you use Drill to Transaction:

  • If the default view has a filter applied, the filter created for the Drill To Transaction operation is used.
  • Any pivot, sort, or conditional formatting is preserved.
  • Transactions and line items must be on rows and columns.
  • If transactions or line items are on pages, or are nested, the pivot will be reset.
  • Hidden transactions are displayed, but hidden line items remain hidden.