1. Extensions
  2. Excel Add-in Series 4
  3. Settings

Use Settings to manage cell data formats, styles, and formulas. Refresh new dimension items, and show or hide connection details.

To select and apply settings options: 

  1. Click Settings.
    The Settings dialog displays.
Settings button on the ribbon.
  1. Select from the five checkboxes.
Settings dialog.
    • Keep Excel formatting
      Any formatting you have applied to cell data in Excel will be preserved when you refresh.
    • Keep Excel formulas
      Any formulas that have been set up in Excel will be maintained when you refresh.
    • Apply Anaplan styling
      The Anaplan styles used for cell borders, cell colors, font colors, etc. will be applied to the data in Excel.
    • Insert new items on refresh (excluding saved module views)
      Any  new dimension items that have been added to Anaplan will automatically be added in Excel when you refresh.
    • Show or Hide connection details
      The connection details are shown at the top of each worksheet, model and module name included. If the details are hidden, you can hover your mouse over the toolbar at the top of each worksheet to see the connection details.
  1. Option 1: Click Make Default to save your selection as your default. Then click OK.
    Option 2: Click OK.