Series 4 of the Excel Add-in is available for desktop versions of Excel. 

The add-in is only available for Windows devices. Before you install the add-in, ensure that your device meets all prerequisites

If your device meets the prerequisites, download the latest version of the add-in.

There are two installation methods available. A standard installation is suitable if each user installs the add-in on their own devices. Installation via the command prompt offers more configuration options for administrators. The MSI file for multiple users installs the add-in for all users on the machine that have Excel installed.

If you need access via a proxy server for your usage of the add-in, set up proxy support after you have installed the add-in.

Lastly, ensure that the add-in is enabled so that it displays in Excel.

Some virus detection software may flag the add-in installer as containing malicious code when they detect the add-in connects to a remote site. This is a false positive. The add-in contains code which allows it to connect to the Anaplan website and then execute server-side scripts.