In series 4 of the Excel Add-in, you can manage how the add-in handles your Anaplan or Excel settings.

To change your default settings, select Settings > Settings. You can select:

  • Keep Excel formatting to preserve any formatting you've applied to cell data in Excel when you refresh. 
  • Keep Excel formulas to preserve any formulas that have been set up in Excel when you refresh. 
  • Apply Anaplan styling to apply the Anaplan styles to the data in Excel, such as cell borders, cell colors, and font colors. 
  • Insert new items on refresh (excluding saved module views) to automatically add new dimension items that have been added to Anaplan in Excel when you refresh. 
  • Show or Hide connection details. When selected, the connection details are shown at the top of each worksheet, including the model and module name. If the details are hidden, hover your mouse over the toolbar to see the connection detail. 

Select OK to save your settings. You can select Make Default to make your new settings default for all connections.