As a workspace administrator, you can replace a default (shared) import file. This means that if the import file was originally set to share with Everyone or Admins Only, you can upload a file with the same name that replaces the original file. 

To replace an import file:

  • You must be a workspace administrator.
  • The original file must be a default file shared with Everyone or Admins Only.

Warning: When you replace a default file this deletes any private files saved for the import. Imports saved as private will default to the new file, as will imports run via API.

To replace an import file:

  1. Go to the part of the model into which you want to import, and select Import from the toolbar at the top.
    You can import into lists, modules, Versions , or the Users pane.
  2. Select Upload New File.
  3. Select a file with the same name as the original import file and click Upload.
  4. In the Replace Default File dropdown, choose to share the default file with either Everyone or Admins Only.
    If you select No (keep private) from the Replace Default File dropdown, this saves a private copy of the import. The default file is not replaced and remains available for other users.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Select Yes.
  7. Optionally, remap the import.
  8. Select Run Import.


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