When a workspace administrator sets up a file import in a model, they can choose to keep it private, or to create a default file. Default files can be set either to be shared with everyone, or only workspace administrators.

When you run an import from a file for the first time, your file options and import mapping are saved. This enables the import to be run again as an action.

The import file also stores an import data source. This means you do not need to upload a source to run the import again, unless you run the import from a dashboard or an action card in the User Experience.

You can upload private files with the Anaplan Integrations API and use the API to run imports of files shared with you.

Note: When you import from another model, this is saved as an import data source, but not as a private or default file. Whether you can run a model-to-model import is determined by access constraints, whether you're a workspace administrator, and the type of data you want to import.

As a workspace administrator, when you set up an import in a model, you can choose to share the file or keep it private. In the Set Default File dropdown in the File Options dialog you can select:

  • No (keep private) to save a private file.
  • Admins Only to share the file with workspace administrators.
  • Everyone to share the file with everyone.

The import file saves as private if you do not choose another selection.

Any user can upload a source file with the Anaplan API. Files you upload to the API always save as private files.

When you run an import from a dashboard or a page in an app, you must upload the file you want to use. When you run an import from a page or dashboard, the file you upload is not saved as an import data source.

If you import from another model, you do not need to configure the privacy level. Find out more about access constraints in model-to-model imports.

Private files can only be run by the user who uploads the file. They're also removed if not accessed at least once every 48 hours. In order to run the import again with the same source file, you must create the import again and reupload the file. This updates the import action.

If you have a private file saved, the import uses your private file, even if a default file exists.

If you select to share an import file with Admins Only or Everyone, then it saves as a default file.

If a private file expires, and there's a shared default file saved for the import, the import uses the shared file instead.

You can change the privacy level of a default file between Admins Only and Everyone. You can also replace a default file with a new upload. 

Warning: When you change the privacy level of an import or replace a default file, this replaces import files that already exist. Any private files saved for the import are removed. Imports saved as private default to the new file.

A summary of who can access private and default files:

Privacy levelThe user who uploaded the fileWorkspace administratorNon-workspace administrators
PrivateYes (unless the file expires)NoNo
Administrators onlyYesYesNo
EveryoneYesYesYes, but only with the Anaplan API