You can use the Anaplan Integrations API to work with private and default import files.

The API enables you to upload a private file and use it to run an import. You can also download files to access default files saved in the model.

Private and default file access in the API

Default files are import files that are shared with either everyone or workspace administrators only. Only workspace administrators can create default files and they must create them within the model.

Private files are import files that only the person who uploads them can use. Workspace administrators can create private files when they set up an import within a model too. Non-workspace administrators can only create private files with the API.

Both workspace administrators and non-workspace administrators can use the API to download import files, so long as they have access to them. However, if a user has a private file, they receive the private file instead of any default file that exists.

Private files expire if unused for 48 hours. If your private file expires, and there's a default file, you receive the default file when you download files from the API.

If you're not a workspace administrator and you try to download a default file that's for administrators only, you receive an empty file.


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