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  6. Show or hide card preview

In designer mode on a worksheet, you can choose to show or hide the cards displayed in the Insights panel.

Show a card if you want users to see additional relevant data in addition to the main grid.

Hide a card to display only its title.

This is useful if you need space for other cards, but you don't want to remove the hidden card as an option for display in the bottom section of the worksheet.

Learn how to display a card on a worksheet.

To show or hide a card preview:

  1. Click the More options ellipsis () in the top-right of the card.
  2. Choose Show card preview or Hide card preview.
    The option displayed will depend on whether the published card is displayed or hidden.
KPI card on a worksheet in designer mode. The more options dropdown has been selected. The Hide card preview option is highlighted.
  1. Click Publish.
    The page will update with your change.