When a filter rule becomes invalid, the view of data on your page reverts to how it was before the filter rule was applied. You can identify invalid filter rules and fix them to make sure your users see the data they need for their planning.

A filter rule on a worksheet or card becomes invalid when:

  • A list, list item, or line item cannot be found. This is usually because it has been deleted or selective access has been changed.
  • A line item is list- or version-formatted and the list or version it references has been deleted.
  • The dimensionality of a line item has been changed through the Applies to column in Blueprint.
  • The data format of a line item has been changed. For example, from number-formatted to text-formatted.

Invalid filter rule warning

If a filter rule is invalid, a warning displays on the filter . It's good practice to always check for warnings when you edit custom views. 

Locate an invalid filter rule

If you see an invalid filter rule warning, you can find the filter rule that's making the filter invalid. Select Filter , then choose Rows or Columns to view the filter rules for that dimension. 

When a filter rule is invalid, a warning displays "We couldn't load the filter rule. Please remove or rebuild the filter rule."

Fix an invalid filter rule

When a filter rule becomes invalid, you can remove it or build a new one:

  • To remove a filter rule, select Delete filter .
  • To rebuild a filter rule, select the Current module or Select line item dropdown and make a selection, then create a filter.


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