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  4. Understand the data impacts of refresh

Learn about the possible results for when you refresh the data in a connection.

When you refresh the data in a connection, the Excel Add-in pulls the latest data from Anaplan. This overwrites any data you have entered in cells that are part of the connection you refresh.

This table explains common scenarios you may encounter when you refresh your data.

Type of dataEffect of refresh
Data in cells that are part of a connection, which contain source data from Anaplan.The refresh overwrites the local data with the latest data from Anaplan.
Data in cells you have added to a connection, which are not in the Anaplan source module or saved view.Excel retains the data.
Data in cells that reference an Anaplan source module that has been deleted since the connection was created.The refresh deletes the data, as the underlying source data does not exist anymore.


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