In series 4 of the Excel Add-in, learn how to troubleshoot when a Send and Refresh detects errors.

You only need to troubleshoot if you tried to use Send and Refresh and it did not complete. 

For most errors, select Refresh and see if the data in the model or your access permissions have changed.

Possible reasons that your Send and Refresh request did not complete include:

Error detectedHow to solve it
Your permissions changed in your connected Anaplan module or saved view since your last refresh.Ask a workspace administrator to check if your permissions changed. Without the correct permissions, you can no longer apply your changes.
The Send and Refresh does not complete as data in the Anaplan model changed before you submitted your changes.

Another user has made changes to the data in Anaplan since your last refresh.

Select Refresh to update the add-in with the latest data from Anaplan and continue your data analysis. 

The cell range of the connection is broken.

If you break a connection's cell range, it may not refresh properly.

To include a cell range in a Refresh, keep the cell range together at all times, rather than break or split it. You can insert columns and rows in a worksheet and you can rename columns and rows in a worksheet, but you must keep the cell range continuous.

The cells in Anaplan were read-write in the previous connection but have changed to Read-Only. You can no longer edit them.

If you have access, return to the Anaplan model and revert the cells to read-write.

Otherwise, refresh the add-in and continue your data analysis with the latest Anaplan data.

Cells are read-only. 

Cells are read-only if they contain a formula, or if you no longer have read-write access.

Refresh and continue your data analysis with the latest Anaplan data.

If the send and refresh connection has errors, a Send and Refresh pane displays on the right of the Excel worksheet. 

To troubleshoot, in the Send and Refresh pane, you can select your changes and:

  • Select Submit to send and refresh your changes to your Anaplan module or saved view again.
    If your send and refresh connection still has errors, your change may be invalid. Undo the change. 
  • Select Undo changes to remove the changes from your worksheet.
    Undo changes is recommended when the Value type mismatch icon displays next to the data change.