In series 4 of the Excel Add-in, you can click Refresh to synchronize your data with Anaplan model data. Once the refresh completes, the Excel Add-in displays the latest data from the Anaplan module or view you're connected to.

You can refresh both Read-Only and Read/Write connections to either modules or saved views.

When you refresh a connection, it can result in the loss of data in your worksheet if it is not part of your Anaplan model. Learn about the data impacts of refresh.

To refresh your current connection:

  1. Click Refresh in the Anaplan ribbon.
    A dropdown list displays.
Refresh and dropdown menu from the Anaplan ribbon.
  1. Click Refresh Current Connection to refresh the connection that is open.
    The connection refreshes.

To refresh multiple connections in the current workbook:

  1. Click Refresh in the Anaplan ribbon.
    A dropdown list displays.
  2. Click Refresh Multiple Connections.
    The Refresh workbook dialog displays.
  3. Select the connections to refresh.
  4. Click Refresh.
    The selected connections refresh.
Refresh workbook dialog.

If your refresh cannot complete, the dialog informs you of what action to take to complete the refresh. Learn how to troubleshoot these errors.

Note that when you click Refresh for a brought-forward line item configuration you've changed in a module:

  • The change displays in the Excel Add-in after you sign out and sign in again
  • If you do not interact with the Excel Add-in for more than 30 minutes you're automatically signed out. Next time you sign in, the change is applied.


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