In Series 4 of the Excel Add-in, you can synchronize your data with Anaplan model data. Once the refresh completes, the add-in displays the latest data from the Anaplan module or view you're connected to.

You can refresh read-only and read-write connections to modules or saved views.

When you refresh a connection, it can result in the loss of data in your worksheet if it's not part of your Anaplan model.

To refresh your current connection, select Refresh > Refresh Current Connection.

To refresh multiple connections in the current workbook, Refresh > Refresh Current Connection. Choose the connections to refresh, then select Refresh.

If your refresh cannot complete, the add-in informs you of what action to take to complete the refresh. Learn how to troubleshoot these errors.

When you select Refresh for a brought-forward line item configuration you've changed in a module:

  • The change displays in the add-in after you sign out and sign in again.
  • If you do not interact with the add-in for more than 30 minutes, you're automatically signed out. Next time you sign in, the change is applied.