1. Data integration
  2. Third-party Data Integration
  3. Anaplan Connector Power BI Desktop
  4. Common errors and solutions

You may get error messages. Here are some common scenarios and steps for resolution.

If you get an error message, click the Refresh icon. This usually resolves the error.
Common error scenarios are:

(1) Credential error in the Navigator

  • Clear cache within Power BI (File>options>clear cache) and restart the connector, or
  • Click Cancel and select Refresh (top right).
Authentication error.

If you still receive a credential error after you clear cache, also clear your recent sources. 

  • Select Recent sources
Select recent sources.
  • Select Remove from list
Remove source from list.

Establish the connection to the export again, and your data refreshes.

(2) Credential error in the Power Query Editor(opens external page), or an error when you reopen a Power BI report or edit a prior data set

  • Click Close & Apply or Refresh Preview 
Power query error.

Your data refreshes.

Close & Apply and Refresh Preview icons.

Power Query Expression(opens external page) error

  • Click Refresh Preview
Power Query error Key and Table.

The first 1,000 rows of data display. 

Refresh preview.