You've chosen either basic authentication or Anaplan SSO.

(1) If you chose Basic auth, from the Anaplan dialog:

The Anaplan Connect dialog. Here you enter your User name and Password.
    • Enter your User name and Password.
    • Select Connect.
    • Proceed to the next step, Get data.

(2) If you chose Organizational account (SSO), from the Welcome to Anaplan dialog:

      • Select Log in with Single Sign-on (SSO).
Screenshot with texts that says Welcome to Anaplan, followed by and Email address field, then a Password field. Beneath the password field are two links, one says Forgot Password?, and the other says Need help signing in? Beneath this is a Continue button. At the bottom is text that reads: Log in with Single Sign-on (SSO).

(3) On your company's SSO dialog, enter your:

      • User name
      • Password

(4) Select Sign In

Note: Your company's SSO service generates this dialog. A common ID management service is Okta. 

Sign In dialog for Okta. Okta is one example of a likely identity management tool.

(5) Select Connect on the next Anaplan dialog.

The Connect dialog for the Anaplan Power BI connector.

You're ready to proceed to the Get data step.