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Anaplan can process very large amounts of data. Visualizations enable you to present this data in ways that are quick to assimilate and understand.

Charts add a strong visual impact to your data and make it easier to spot trends, areas of concern, and successes.

There are many kinds of chart type, and different ways of working with the data in those charts. Choosing the right chart for the job is key, as is knowing how to create different kinds of reports. We have put together a range of informaton about  which chart to use to best convey the meaning in your data .

In Anaplan, you can present your data using a variety of visualizations — the  best visualization to use depends upon the structure of your data.

If you use a grid, you can use conditional formatting to color-code your cells. This enables users to quickly identify important values.

You can use charts to present your data in a more visual format. This helps you to emphasize trends, the passage of time, or quantities.

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