Our designers have defined a series of principles to help you build successful user experiences. Follow these principles to make your analysis and decision-making processes rapid and easy. 

Taking the time to carefully design your apps, worksheets, and boards makes for fast development, and easy adoption, of your apps. It seems like an overhead, but discussing their requirements with your users gives you interesting insights. Those insights can be reflected in the user experience. Checking back with them during development ensures that anything that was overlooked or misunderstood can be remedied quickly. 

We talk a lot about user experience, or UX, but when we say that, what do we really mean? Well, we’re talking about how easy and pleasing it is for your users to use your pages. We also focus on processes and ensure that pages are designed to help the users through processes, not hinder them.

The user experience begins with a thorough understanding of your users’ needs — talking with them, discussing solutions — and building apps, worksheets, and boards that meet those needs. Remember that different audiences have different requirements, and it's difficult to build one solution for all users. 

So how do you decide how to structure the solution? The best way is to begin by drawing it out and asking the users if it’s what they had in mind. With that established, you can begin thinking about apps and pages and what elements you'll add to them.

Don’t forget to revisit those users to check that your approach is appropriate. It’s much easier to make small changes often. Only discovering UX problems at the end of the process can be very frustrating.

There are a few basics to remember: 

  • An app is a collection of pages that contain either worksheets or boards. 
  • Boards, which usually contain visualizations, are where you track the key metrics for an organization, department, or business process. 
  • Worksheets are based around a main grid where analysts can engage in detailed analysis and scenario testing.