Only tenant administrators can assign the page builder role.

Page builders can:

If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription and a workspace administrator associates multiple models with a page, page builders can also switch between source models associated with a page.

Tenant administrators can assign the page builder role to users listed in the Access Control > Assignments screen of the Administration console. Users must have access to at least one model in the tenant before you can assign them this role.

For more information about role assignment, see Administration: Access Control.
For more information about visitors, see Visitors.

To assign the page builder role:

  1. Log in to Anaplan.
  2. Select Administration from the Application menu.
  3. Select Access Control > Assignments.
  4. Select the user.
  5. Select the Page Builder checkbox.
  6. Select Save.
The Administration application. The Access Control option is selected in the left pane, and under that, Assignments. The list of users has been blurred out, but at the bottom of the page, within the Roles box, the Page Builder role and checkbox are highlighted.