Edit an integration to revise how it runs.

You must be an Integration Administrator to use this procedure.

To edit an integration:

  1. Select the ellipsis ... to the right of an integration in your list.
  2. Select Edit Integration from the menu. 
  3. The Edit integration dialog displays. Configure your integration settings: 
    • Enter or revise the Integration name. The connection name limit has a maximum of 60 alphanumeric characters, as well as these symbols: ! @ # $ % ^ & *.
    • Select your Connection from the dropdown.
    • Select your Workspace from the dropdown.
    • Select your Model from the dropdown.
    • Select the Action Type: Import or Export.
    • Select the Action from the dropdown.
    • Select the Data target from the dropdown.
  4. Select Next to save your revised integration.
The Edit integration dialog. Next is the final step.
The Edit integration dialog.


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