Two different calculation engines based on Hyperblock technology are available in Anaplan: the Classic Engine and the Anaplan Polaris™ Calculation Engine.

The Classic Engine is the general-purpose multidimensional planning engine for dense data sets where the majority of cells are populated. Some data sets aren't like this and are sparse, which can present challenges in the Classic Engine.

Polaris is designed to store and calculate models with sparse data sets. This gives your models greater potential size, dimensionality, and granularity. Polaris uses the same modeling interface, formula syntax, and functions as the Classic Engine, with minor differences.

In some cases, best practice for modeling will be different between the two engines. Learn about when you should use each calculation engine.

The Classic Engine and Polaris each have their own type of workspace. A workspace is either a Classic workspace or a Polaris workspace. You cannot convert a Classic Workspace into a Polaris workspace or a Polaris workspace into a Classic workspace. To use Polaris, you must have access to a Polaris workspace.