Configure your notification to identify recipients by module data and page context.

You'll need a module that has a line item formatted as Type List, with List set to Users. Your model builder can configure the line item to take its value directly from the list, or evaluate it with a formula.

You can still design and preview the notification if the line items are not yet populated in the module. On your published page, users can only submit the notification if the recipients are defined. For your notification action to be useful, populate the line item values for the contexts you expect your users to select.

  1. Open the Notification designer for your notification action.
    Read how to edit an action.
  2. On the first page of the Notification designer, write your notification.
    Read how to edit a notification action.
  3. On the second page of the Notification designer, for Assign recipients via, click Module data.
  4. Select a Module and a Line item.
    You'll only see line items of type list that reference a list of users.
  5. You can configure the context of the preview at the top-right of the Notification designer.
    This helps you test that the notification retrieves your populated line items. When you change the context of the preview, the context of the page or card remains unchanged. 
  6. Click the Create or Update button to save the notification action.
  7. When you're ready, publish the page.


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