You map document tags when you create an envelope.

Below are some things to keep in mind as you map the document tags:

  • The DocuSign tags (on the right) are the fields you've entered in your DocuSign template. A list of numbers is displayed if you have not entered any labels to identify them.
  • Hidden columns in Anaplan do not appear in the lists.
  • If you do not select any columns, the DocuSign tags are not populated with any data when you send the document. Ensure all target DocuSign tags are mapped to a source Anaplan line item. Do not leave any DocuSign tags unmapped.
  • If you add tags to the DocuSign template after you create the envelope, reopen the envelope and map the new tags to the relevant Anaplan column headers. If you miss this step, the sent documents will not have any Anaplan data.

See Create an envelope.


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