When you preview an envelope you can verify that it's correct before you send it. 

The details of the envelope display in a table. You can review recipients, their roles, and the order of signatures in the DocuSign template. You can only send one envelope at a time.

  1. Go to the Workflows tab.
  2. Select the DocuSign workflow that's linked to the envelope to send, then select Preview and Send.

If you notice any errors in the table, select Cancel and Close and make the necessary changes in Anaplan and/or DocuSign. The envelope then automatically updates. 

  1. Optionally, use the Dimensions lists to select the Anaplan dimensions with recipients' names, roles, email addresses, or the data to include. If you have two Anaplan module views, the selected dimensions are applied to both.

Make sure the Anaplan module views you select for the envelope and workflow have the same:

    • Dimensions
    • Lists displayed on rows (in the same order). For example, recipients' names, IDs, or numbers.
    • Hidden rows
    • Level of hierarchy selected

You can't send the envelope when the selected views have different structures.

  1. Once loading completes, select Send with DocuSign. This button is unavailable if the envelope doesn't contain at least one valid email address and if the recipients' name column is empty.

To void a selected document:

  1. Go to the Sent Documents tab.
  2. Select the envelop containing the document to cancel.
  3. Select one or more documents to cancel.
  4. Select Void selected docs.
  5. In the confirmation window, select Void selected documents.
    Only envelopes that with less than Completed status can be voided.

 You can see the document status is Canceled on the Sent Documents tab.

  1. Go to the Sent Documents tab.
  2. Select the envelope with the document to cancel.
  3. Select Void all docs.
  4. In the confirmation window, select Void all documents.

The Sent Documents page provides an overview of the envelopes you've sent.

You can find out how many documents per envelope, how many of them are signed, how many await signature, and how many are rejected.

 an envelope to view more details, including the signing status per document. The columns of that table follow the signing order you've defined in the DocuSign template. For more information, see Tables Reference.

To track the signing status of envelopes:

  1. Go to the Sent Documents tab. A high-level overview of all sent envelopes displays.
  2. Select an envelope to review document status
  3. When you're done, select Close.

You can track the signature status of sent envelopes from Anaplan when you copy the status information to Anaplan. Select Update Anaplan to get the latest information.