You map document tags when you create an envelope.

Below are things to consider as you map the document tags:

    • The DocuSign tags (on the right) are the fields you've entered in your DocuSign template. A list of numbers is displayed if you haven't entered any labels to identify them.
    • Unhide any columns in Anaplan.
    • You must select columns, otherwise the DocuSign tags will have no data associated.
    • Make sure all target DocuSign tags are mapped to a source Anaplan line item. Don't leave any DocuSign tags unmapped. Unmapped tags cause an error.
    • If you add tags to the DocuSign template after you create the envelope:
      • Reopen the envelope and map the new tags to the relevant Anaplan column headers. 
      • You get an error for each unmapped DocuSign tag.

See Create an envelope.