As you create an envelope, there are some guidelines to help you finish your setup.

  1. If you see any warnings in your envelope table, select Cancel, and make the necessary changes in Anaplan and/or DocuSign. The envelope is then automatically updated. For more information on columns and envelope status, see Tables reference.
  2. Make sure the Anaplan module view you select for the envelope and workflow have the same:
    • Dimensions.
    • Lists displayed on rows (in the same order). For example, recipients' names, IDs, numbers, etc.
    • Hidden rows (if any)
    • Level of hierarchy selected

      You will not be able to send the envelope if the views you select do not have the same structure.
    • You can only send or cancel one envelope at a time. Any Envelopes you send or cancel after that go into a queue until the first send completes. 
    • You can open the envelope to check the status of each sent document. If one or more documents have a different status than the envelope, this means your recipients have not all signed yet. Check again later or the next day.