1. Data integration
  2. Third-party Data Integration
  3. Anaplan Connector Power BI Desktop
  4. Get data

Once you've authenticated with the connector, you can access your saved exports within Anaplan.  
Note: The Power BI data preview only displays data from your temporary export file from Anaplan. If your temporary export file is deleted, the preview is blank. You can see the data within preview screen once you run, or repeat, the export action.

To access your saved export from the Power BI desktop, you Get data.

  1. Select Get data from the ribbon menu.
    The Get data dialog displays. 
Get data and dropdown.
  1. Click More from the dropdown.
    A new window appears. 
  2. Type Anaplan into the blank field
    The Anaplan Connector v.1.0 (Beta) displays.
  3. Select  Anaplan Connector v.1.0 (Beta).
  1. Click Connect.