In a module or classic dashboard, use Column Settings to text wrap column headers, or adjust the width.

To change column settings: 

  1. In a module, navigate to Format in the toolbar and select Column Settings from the dropdown menu. You can also right-click on your module and select Column Settings from the menu.
    Note: In a classic dashboard, navigate to the dropdown arrow in the top-left corner of a grid. From the dropdown menu select Format and then Column settings.
  2. From the dialog box you can:
  • Wrap Text in Headers. You can choose to wrap text across one, two, or three lines.
    No Wrap is set by default.
  • Change the Default Column Width. The default value is 80 pixels per column. You can increase or decrease the column width. The minimum and maximum pixel value is 6 and 800 respectively. 
  • Change the Width for Row Labels.
  • Override Column Widths. This changes the widths of columns that hold summary data.
    Note: This is only visible if your module has summary columns.
  • Change Individual Column Widths. 
  1. Select OK to confirm your changes. 

To remove your column settings, open the Columns Settings dialog box and select Reset to Default in the bottom-right corner.

If you're a Workspace Administrator, you can save your new column settings as a saved view.
Select View from the toolbar, then select Save As. Create your saved view.