In a module or classic dashboard, use Column Settings to text wrap column headers, or adjust the width.

You can specify how you want to wrap your text. Text can be wrapped across one, two, or three lines. Text wrap follows these formatting conventions:

  • Margins are set between text in headers and text on grid lines.
  • Column headers are wrapped so that words are not split across lines.

If you want to text wrap a column header consider:

  • How narrow your column is. If your column is too narrow, words are clipped at both the beginning and the end.  If a word is wider than the new column width, it is truncated instead of wrapped.
  • Your nested grids. Columns headers are text wrapped only if it is the lowest level of heading. For example, if you place a Time dimension above Product Name dimension, only the Product Name columns are wrapped.
  • Whether you need to export your data to PDF. If you have line items as column headers, grids can look slightly different when you export to a PDF. The column width adjusts if the data in the column is longer than the column header.