When you import data to a module you can choose whether or not to clear the data for target cells before you run the import.

In the top-right corner of the Mapping tab, in the Import dialog, you can choose:

  • Clear target prior to import (default)
  • Only update imported cells

If you select Clear target prior to import, the import deletes values in target cells and replaces them with mapped source cell values. You can then further configure the options to clear the target on the tab for each dimension. There are specific options for the Time dimension that differ to those for other dimensions.

If you select Only update imported cells, the import only clears cells that already exist in the target where there’s a matched source item. 

Note: You must map the source columns to target dimensions before you can further configure the options to clear the target for each dimension.

Clear the target on dimensions other than Time

For dimensions other than time, you can choose to either Match on names or codes or Map items manually.

Map on names or codes automatically matches source items to target items. If you want to adjust the mapping, or select items to ignore, choose to map items manually.

In the top right of the tab for the dimension you want to configure, you can configure which items the import clears. You can select:

  • Mapped items in source
    Clears only those target cells mapped to a source item that exists in the source at the time the import's run.
  • All mapped items (disabled if you select Match on names or codes)
    Clears only those target cells mapped to a source item, even if the items no longer exist in the source.
  • All items
    Clears all target cells, regardless of whether or not they're mapped or exist in the source.

Note: If you map items manually when you set up an import, some of the items you mapped may not exist in the source when the import's run. If you configure the import to clear All mapped items, the import still clears target cells mapped to source items that no longer exist.

Clear the target for the Time dimension

On the Time tab, under the heading What time periods to clear prior to import, you can choose Matched items only or All items.

If you select Matched items only, then where a source item is matched to a target item, the import clears the cell value:

  • For time periods in the target where the matched item contains a value in the source.
  • For any other time periods where any other matched line item contains a value in the source.

If you select All items, then where a source item is matched to a target, the import clears the cell value in the target for all time periods.


A source file, Fruit sales Q1, contains data for sales over a period of 3 months for the line items Apples and Pears. Which can be represented like this:


A Target module, Fruit sales, already has data over these time periods and also for the rest of the year. It also has an additional line item, Oranges:


If you import Fruit Sales Q1 and select to clear Matched items only, the values for all three line items are cleared for Jan-22, Feb-22, and Mar-22. The values for Oranges are cleared, even though Oranges is not a line item in the source. This is because the time periods Jan-22, Feb-22, and Mar-22 are matched to other line items in the import.


If you import Fruit Sales Q1 and select to clear All items, the values for all time periods for Apples and Pears are cleared. However, the data for Oranges is retained, as there's no line item in the source matched to this.



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