Workspace administrators can set up an import to enter data into a module from a TXT or CSV file. You can also import from a ZIP file as long as it contains only one file in a TXT or CSV format.

You must be in Grid view for the module into which you want to import. You can import line items in Blueprint view, but not other module data.

To import into a module from a file:

  1. In the Data menu for the target module, select Import.
  2. Select Upload New File and browse for the file that contains the source data.
    If you want to amend a file import that already exists, you can select a previous upload and then Edit.
  3. Check the import file options are correct.
  4. Select Next.
  5. In the Mapping tab of the import dialog, select items in the Source dropdowns to map source columns to dimensions in the target module.
    For a single column import, select a column under Source and then select a column for the Data values from dropdown.
  6. In the top right of the dialog, select either:
  7. Map source data to target items in the target list tabs.
    Values may match automatically on names or codes, but you can choose to manually map items in a module import. You can also choose to ignore items that do not match.
    If you import date values to the Time dimension, you must map the module import data to the timescale.
  8. Select either:
    • Run Import.
      A progress dialog displays as the import runs.
      If you want to cancel the import, select Cancel  in the top-right corner of the dialog.
    • OK.
      The import saves as an action, but does not run.

When the import completes, or if you cancel the import, an Import Completed dialog displays. This reports how many items imported successfully and any that did not. You can open the Details tab for a detailed report or select Close to exit the dialog. 

You can then publish the import action to a dashboard or add it to a page in the user experience.

Note: Import never overwrites formulas, so totals and formulas display as ignored.


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