Page builders can hide context dimensions from the toolbar, and unsynchronize context dimensions for each card to then choose and lock the card context.

All data presented in a report originates from a model. As a page builder, you can select a model when you create a report page, and in the Page settings of an existing report. For the card, select a module in the View dropdown in Card configuration.

The toolbar displays all context selectors, from the synchronized dimensions of all cards. If you have one or more dimensions on the report, use Edit selectors to remove some or all of these selectors displayed in the toolbar. When you add a card to the report, the card synchronizes to the global context.

You can also unsynchronize cards from the global context, to fix them to a specific context. These cards are then unaffected by changes to the global context selectors. For example, to fix the context of a card to show a particular Region, use Card configuration to unsynchronize the card, then select a Region.

To hide a context dimension from the context selectors of a report:

  1. On a report page, select to enter designer mode.
  2. Select Edit selectors in the toolbar.
  3. Unselect each dimension you want to hide from the toolbar, or select each dimension you want to restore to the toolbar.
    The toolbar updates with each change you make.
  4. When you're ready, Save or Publish your changes.

To unsynchronize a card from the global context and set a new context for that card only:

  1. On a report page, select to enter designer mode.
  2. Select a card in your report.
  3. In the Card configuration panel, select the Context tab.
  4. For each required dimension you want to unsynchronize, select Context selector settings and then uncheck Sync with page.
    If the context selector is unused elsewhere, it no longer displays in the toolbar.
  5. Select a context value from the newly-enabled dropdown next to the Context selector settings  icon.
    The card updates to display data for the specified context.
  6. When you're ready, Save or Publish your changes.