Workspace administrators can create time ranges to enable the analysis of time-based data or to restrict the range of periods into which data can be entered or displayed, over a time period longer or shorter than the main timescale.

To create a new time range for your model:

  1. Select Time in the model settings bar, then select the Time Ranges tab.
  2. Select New .
  3. Enter a name for the time range in the Name field.
    Each time range must have a unique name that is limited to a maximum of 60 characters.
  4. Select a Start Period. This is the first year of the time range.
  5. In the Number of Periods box, select the number of years the time range will span.
  6. In the Available Aggregations options, select summary method(s) for the time range.
  7. Choose an option from the dropdown list to indicate whether the new time range will display BeforeAfter, at the Start, or at the End of the list. This dropdown is not shown when you add your first time range.
  8. Select Save Time Range, or click Cancel to return to the list of time ranges.