Workspace administrators can edit time ranges.

Warning: Changing a time range could result in the loss of data for any line item using that time range.

To protect the integrity of your model, you cannot change time range settings in the Time Ranges grid, you must click the Edit button.

Modules and line items linked to edited time ranges will continue to use them. Data held against a time period that is removed from a time range will be erased.

To edit your time range:

  1. Select Time , then select the Time Ranges tab. 
  2. Select the time range to edit.
  3. Select Edit and do any of the following:
    1. Enter a name for the time range in the Name field.
    2. Change the Start Period. This sets the first year of the time range.
    3. Change the Number of Periods box, for the number of years the time range will span.
    4. In the Available Aggregations options, changesummary method(s) for the time range.
  4. Select Save Time Range. A dialog reminds you this change may result in the destruction of data (if the changes made could result in loss of data).
  5. Click the OK button.