Workspace administrators create functional areas in a model to organize modules, saved views, and dashboards.

To create a functional area:

  1. Select Modules in the model settings bar, then select Functional Areas.
  2. Select Insert.
  3. Type a unique name for the functional area. Create extra functional areas by typing each functional area on a new line. There’s a limit of 60 characters. Find out about name restrictions here.
  4. Select Start or End to add the functional area to the start or to the end of the functional area list. Select Before or After to add the functional area before or after an existing functional area in the functional area list.
  5. Select OK.

If you want to further organize your data, add a default category to your functional area in the Category column.

Note: To reorder functional areas, select Reorder then choose from one of the options, or drag the functional area into a new position.

Next, you can assign functional areas to a module or dashboard.