Modules are key components of an Anaplan model. Each module represents a specific function, such as margin calculation, employee expense planning, or profit and loss. You can enter data and calculate values efficiently in modules.

Workspace administrators can view the modules a model contains from the Modules pane. This includes an overview of each module, its line items and dimensions, and other general settings. To open the Modules pane, select Modules from Model settings .

From here you can use the toolbar to open, insert, copy, or delete modules. You can also reorder how modules display in the pane and view or export high-level information about each module.

Only workspace administrators can create and configure modules.

Note: If you're not a workspace administrator, you can still view module content if your model role has access to the module. To open a module that you have access to, select it from model Contents .

Workspace administrators build modules to record data against dimensions such as Time, Versions, and lists. 

You can create line items in a module to form a dimension that's specific to that module. These enable you to record data against ‌other dimensions. Workspace administrators can set the data format of line items to determine the kind of data they contain.  

It's best practice to configure each module for a specific purpose and organize them into one of three categories:

  • Input, to enter data.
  • Driver, to calculate values.
  • Output, to report data.

Consult the Planual for best practice guidance on how to create modules that support your model's data processes. Use our recommended name conventions to name your modules in a way that creates a clear structure. 

This Profit and loss module has Time on columns and line items on rows. It also has the Countries list and Versions on pages.

Profit and loss is an output module that displays the results of inputs and calculations from other modules.

US Forecast
 Jan 21Feb 21Mar 21Q1 FY21
Cost of sales72,73773,87073,026219,633
Margin %74.01%74.00%74.02%74.01%
Employee expenses65,12965,12965,129195,388
Other costs89,64187,79287,597265,029