Model builders use list subsets to create a shorter list of items from larger lists.

For example, if you have a long list, you can create a list subset to target specific list items.

Create any lists you might need in General Lists in the model settings bar.

To create a list subset:

  1. Select General Lists in the model settings bar.
  2. Select a list, then select Open.
  3. Select Subsets > Insert.
  4. Type a name for the list subset. Create extra list subsets by typing each list subset on a new line. Select Start or End to add the list subset to the start or to the end of the list.
    Note: Use appropriate name conventions for your list subset. For example, add a prefix (lssubss) to indicate that the list is a subset of a larger list.
  5. Select OK. The list subset appears as an additional column in Grid View
  6. Select Grid View and select the list items you want to include in the list subset.
    You can assign items to a list subset by import. The subset displays as a list property that you can map to any Boolean-format source column.

For example, you can include two employees from the Employees list in the Sales team list subset.

ParentCodeList subset (Sales team)
Employee ASalesSA01
Employee BSalesSA02
Employee CProduct ManagementPM01

To reorder list subsets, select Reorder then choose from one of the options, or drag the list subset into a new position.

When you create a list subset, it appears in the larger list's Subsets column in General Lists .


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