List subsets contain list items from larger lists. You can use a list subset as a dimension in Anaplan.

If you have a long list, you can create a list subset to target specific list items.

For example, the Employees list contains all employees at a company. If you want to analyse commissions for employees in the Sales team, create a Sales Team list subset from the Employees list.

Note: You cannot use a list subset in the same module as the list it originates from.

Single list items can belong to multiple list subsets.

Manage your list subsets in General Lists in the model settings bar. Open a list, then select Subsets. You can create, delete, and reorder list subsets. 

Add notes to your list subset in the Notes column. The Referenced in Applies To and Referenced as Format columns display the modules associated with the list subset, and the line items and list properties with the list subset set as the format.