Add a filter to a column or row of data to display only the data items that match the specified criteria.

On worksheets, Filter displays for the main grid in the worksheet toolbar (or the toolbar on an expanded grid card).

A worksheet displays with the Filter icon highlighted in the toolbar at the top of the grid. It's the third icon in from the left.

On boards, hover your cursor over the grid card to which you want to apply a filter. Filter   displays in the top-right corner.

You can only filter data if enabled by your page builder. 

To add a filter:

  1. Select the column or row you want to filter, then:
    • On the toolbar, select Filter .
    • Right-click the column or row, and select Filter .
  2. On the Filters panel, choose a filter condition from the Select condition dropdown.
    The filter conditions available depend on the data type. 
  3. You can select Add to the right of the first condition's value field to add more filter conditions.
  4. Select Apply.

Note: When you filter a list, you can select only one items as the condition for filtering your data. The dropdown list displays the first 50 list items. For lists that contain more than 50 items, select within the list field and enter a search term. 

On the grid, a filter icon displays at the top of the filtered column. This identifies which columns have filters, even when the Filters panel is hidden.

When you select a filtered column on a grid, it displays within a blue outline. In the Filters panel, the corresponding filter displays with a blue line on its left.

To reset a card, select Filter , then select Remove all filters on the Filters panel. 

To reset all cards on your page to the default options set by the page builder, select Page options > Reset page. On the Reset this page? dialog, select Reset.