Integrate your Google Big Query dataset to pull or push Anaplan model data.

Your past import and export actions may not work with Google BigQuery integrations. Create new ones with the steps below.

There are prerequisites for an import:

  • From your BigQuery table, export a data sample with the table column headers (in CSV format).
  • You use this CSV file to set up your import action in Anaplan. 
  • With the Anaplan import action, you create your CloudWorks BigQuery import integration.
  • Your BigQuery table column header name cannot contain blank spaces, or you'll get an error.

Note: Supported Anaplan data types are string, integer, float, numeric, Boolean, and date. We do not support DateTime. That data type is different from "date." Also see Map the timescale in a list import.

  1. Select New integration from menu. 
  2. Select either Import/Export or Process from the dropdown. (The choices below are for an import.)
  3. Complete the dialog entries:
    • Enter the Integration name. Use a unique name of up to 60 characters that starts and ends with a letter or number. Letters used must be in the Latin alphabet . You can include spaces, hyphens (-), and underscores (_), but no other special characters.
    • Select the Connection from the dropdown.
    • Select the Workspace from the dropdown.
    • Select the Model from the dropdown.
    • Select Action Type: Import.
    • Select the Action from the dropdown.
    • Select the Data source from the dropdown. 
      • Select the 


         checkbox Make this available on User Experience action cards
        if you want colleagues to be able to access this integration on a card.
  4. Select Next.

Note: Your BigQuery table column headers cannot contain spaces. Use _ underscores instead.
If your BigQuery table column headers do contain spaces, you'll get the error Failed import action - Incorrect file structure

If your integration export is from a model list that has Selective Access enabled:

  •  Make sure that your workspace administrator has granted the list Internal (Full Access).
  •   Internal (Full Access) is a type of Selective Access that represents integration service. 

When you create an integration export, there are a few extra steps:

    • You map fields between Anaplan and BigQuery.
    • The data types on both sides must match. Supported data types are: string, integer, float, numeric, Boolean, and date. 
    • You must define the row headers in Anaplan.
    • Your export must be in .csv format to load into a BigQuery table.
    • You cannot use Anaplan dynamic cell access.
    • When your Module view includes Page dimensions, use Tabular Multiple Column when you export.
    • Your target table will be appended with new rows from the export action.
    • CloudWorks only supports 1:1 mapping between data sources and targets. If you map one to multiple columns, this causes an error. 
Export with Tabular Multiple Column format.

Below shows the Create a new integration dialog.

Export integration dailog, set to a Big Query table.

The Map fields dialog displays. 

Field mapping dialog for an integration export to a Big Query table.
  • Use the dropdowns to map fields from the Anaplan export action to your Big Query table elements.
  • To overwrite the data, check Overwrite data target (above). 
    Note: your target table will be appended with new rows from the export action.
  • Select Create.

You get the notification "Integration Successfully created."