As an integration administrator, you can create a Cloudworks integration to manage how your data connects to your cloud storage service. 

When the source object of your action (import or export) references a List with Selective Access enabled:

  • Make sure your Workspace Administrator provides the user Internal (Full Access) with the correct Read permissions
  • To add Internal (Full Access), your workspace admin must navigate to the List Grid View.
  • Internal (Full Access) is an alias (role) that represents integration service. 

Without the proper Selective Access permissions:

  • Model to Model imports will not reflect the latest data 
  • Exports will download an empty file

As a Model or Page builder, you can also add a CloudWork integration actions to a page. To create a Cloudworks integration, select one:

CloudWorks automatically generates your export output file with your export action name and chosen file format.


  • If your export action name is Product Hierarchy
  • And the export format is comma separated values .csv
  • The output file is named Product Hierarchy.csv

If you name the export action with a format such as Product Hierarchy.csv , the output file is named Product Hierarchy.csv.csv.
To avoid the double file suffix, remove .csv from your original export action name.