In the Image library, you can manage your images and categories, view remaining storage space and recently deleted files, and upload and sort images.

To work in the Image library, you must be a page builder or a workspace administrator for at least one workspace in the tenant. 

Images uploaded to Anaplan are accessible across the tenant. If you have access to multiple tenants, you can only see the images for your current tenant. Each tenant has 3 GB of storage. 

Uploaded images are not stored in models. 

Image file types must be PNG (.png), JPEG(.jpg.jpeg), SVG (.svg), BMP (.bmp), or GIF (.gif).

To access the Image library, select Assets from the top-left navigation bar. 

To add a category, select Add next to Categories. In the Create category dialog, enter a unique Name, then select Create

You can change the name of a category at any time. Next to the category you'd like to rename, select the ellipsis > Edit name. Enter a new, unique, Name, then select Create

To delete a category, next to the category you'd like to delete, select the ellipsis > Delete.

This action can't be undone. 

You can change the category images are assigned to. Select the images you want to change, and on the right-hand panel, select a new category from the Category dropdown. 

If you've selected images from multiple categories, these are assigned to the same selected target category.

You can rename an image from the library. Select the image you want to rename, and on the right-hand panel, select the icon.