Page builders and workspace administrators can upload logos and image files to a central repository in Anaplan for use in your apps and pages and Anaplan for Microsoft 365. 

To work in the Image library, you must be a page builder or a workspace administrator for at least one workspace in the tenant. 

Images uploaded to Anaplan are accessible across the tenant. If you have access to multiple tenants, you can only see the images for your current tenant. Each tenant has 3 GB of storage. 

Uploaded images are not stored in models. 

Image file types must be PNG (.png), JPEG(.jpg.jpeg), SVG (.svg), BMP (.bmp), or GIF (.gif).

To access the Image library, select Assets from the top-left navigation bar. 

To upload an image to the Image library, select Upload

You can upload a maximum of 20 images at a time. Images are scanned to detect and prevent malicious content. 

The maximum file size is 5 MB.

To check the status of your uploads, select Upload progress. File name, File size, and Status are shown. When your upload completes successfully, you'll receive a notification.

Warning: When you upload an image to the image library, make sure that your images do not contain sensitive or personally identifiable information.

To copy an image URL, select the image, and on the right-hand panel, select Copy URL.

To delete an image from the Image library, select the image, then in the right-hand panel, select Delete. On the Delete image? dialog, select Delete

Deleted images are stored for 30 days. When you delete an image, it will not display on any cards where it was inserted. To permanently delete an image, select Recently deleted, select the image, then select Delete

To restore an image, select Recently deleted, select the image, then select Restore. If your selected image was assigned to a category, it's added to this category again. The image is restored to any pages where it was used before deletion.