Predictive Insights is a native Anaplan platform that gives users the ability to score and prioritize accounts in an intelligent data-driven way, based on machine learning models.

Predictive Insights gives users the ability to score and prioritize accounts based on machine learning models. It also gives users the option to enrich accounts with attributes in order to draw useful insights about accounts (companies). This helps sales organizations focus on their campaigns, build up a pipeline of accounts, or provide additional insights into the ones you already have.

Predictive Insights is meant to help identify key accounts, segment them, and help you formulate a strategy for your sales representatives. This is meant to be one of the first steps of your sales planning strategy.

Predictive Insights contains information on 30 million companies worldwide, and correlates data across 2000 different publicly-available attributes, put together by its machine learning engine. This information covers attributes that define the company, such as financial results, geographies they operate in, technologies used, known hiring processes and tools, among many others. This covers attributes that are both static (a company’s location) and dynamic (a company’s quarterly revenues) in nature.

The attributes and scores provide an in-depth view of ideal customers enabling leaders to make more data-driven decisions when building their growth strategy.

Note: Predictive Insights is an entitled service, so you need to opt-in to access the feature. Your Account Executive can assist you with enabling Predictive Insights. To fully use the capabilities of Predictive Insights, you must be a Workspace Administrator.

The Predictive Insights UI displays information in three main sections:

  • On the left-hand side of the screen you have data preparation activities such as the creation of datasets and training models. The pane also displays available action selections to score or enrich accounts.
  • The central pane displays dependent content, related to the option you select in the left-hand side pane. If you select Datasets, this pane displays a list of available datasets. The same applies to models and actions.
  • If you select an option in the center pane, a right-hand information panel will display. This contains key information on the selected object.