Once you receive a notification email from Anaplan, your tenant security administrator should rotate to update your Anaplan certificate before the expiry date.

When you rotate your Anaplan certificate, you automatically download a new certificate. You must then upload that certificate to your associated identity provider (IdP). 

Important: You must update your account with your IdP to use your new Anaplan certificate. You may be locked out of Anaplan if you don't update your IdP account.

To rotate your Anaplan certificate:

  1. Navigate to Security > Single Sign-on.
  2. Select your connection.
  3. Select the Metadata tab.
  4. Under Anaplan X509 certificate, select Rotate.
The Metadata tab in Single Sign-on with the Rotate link for Anaplan X509 certificate highlighted.
  1. Select Rotate certificate from the Rotate SSO certificate dialog.
    The confirmation dialog displays.
  2. Select Close to close the confirmation dialog.
  3. Log into your ISP, such as Okta or Azure Active Directory, and update your Anaplan certificate in their interface. 
    The screenshot below is the next step you would take within Okta.
An example screenshot from the Okta ISP where you can upload a certificate.