Score accounts to take a dataset and run it through a trained model. This assigns the accounts with predictive scores to help your sales team prioritize prospects.

You need a dataset and a trained Predictive Insights model.

To score accounts with Predictive Insights:

  1. In Home > Predictive Insights, select Actions > Score accounts in the left-hand panel, select Generate new account scores. This opens the Score accounts wizard.
  2. Enter an Action name for your score action. As a naming convention, we advise this pattern: DATASET-MODEL NAME.
  3. Select a Predictive Insights model against which a dataset will be scored.
  4. Select a Dataset.
  5. Under Account scores import destination, select a Predictive Insights module. This module must contain a line item to which the scores will be mapped.
  6. Select Step 2: Map.
  7. The main attributes Score and Rank should point to line items in your module where the values will be stored. These line items must be formatted as NUMBER and TEXT, respectively.
  8. You can select optional, line items in your module:
    • Score action writes the name of the action to the chosen line item in the module. This helps understand which score action did the name come from. In the target module, this must be formatted as a TEXT line item.
    • Last modified writes the date the data was last updated. In the target module, this must be formatted as a DATE line item.
  9. Select Confirm to run the score action. This process may take a few moments to complete.