Select items to show that present the most relevant data to users of a worksheet.

Conversely, you can choose to not show certain data so users cannot see it.

You can also restrict user-access to a page to prevent them from being able to access it.

Users cannot choose to show items for a row or column if you:

  • Select to not show the items
  • Apply a hierarchy filter to it
  • Filter out the item.
    On a nested axis the user sees the items as available for selection in the Show / Hide panel, but they do not display on the worksheet. A warning displays to explain this if applicable.

To show rows or columns, you'll need to:

You must open your page in designer mode. Select Edit

To select items to show on a worksheet:

  1. Select Configure on a new card, or hover over your card and select Edit .
    Read how to add a card to a worksheet.
  2. On the Overview tab of the Card configuration panel, select View, then choose a custom view from the Select data source panel. 
  3. On the toolbar, select Show / Hide , then choose the dimension you'd like to edit. 
A custom view based on a module named Income Statement. The Show / Hide icon, an eye, has been clicked in the top-right of the screen, and a dropdown displays.
  1. If you chose Line items, on the Show / Hide panel:
    • Select the Levels to display. 
    • Select the Items you want to show.
      Enter text in the Find... box to filter items to show. 
  2. Select Apply.
  3. Select Update.
  4. Select Save to save as a draft, or select Publish.
The Show / Hide panel displays on the right of the screen that displays when you design a custom view. Within it, the Levels section and Items section are highlighted in red boxes.

To show all items on your worksheet, select Show / Hide , then select Show all columns or Show all rows.

If your worksheet shows a limited set of line items, select Show / Hide > Line items, then select Reset on the Show / Hide panel to show all items.