In a grid card or worksheet, tap on a row or column header to synchronize data across any linked cards.

Synchronization occurs by default between elements on a worksheet or board.  When you change the value selection for a context selector, all data on the worksheet or board synchronizes to the selected value.

All cards, except action cards, can be synchronized to context selectors.

If your cards are unsynchronized, the mobile app displays context selectors on the bottom of the card, instead of at the bottom of the page. 

To sync context selectors across cards: 

  1. Tap on a row or column header.
    The whole row or column displays in a blue outline, and the data display syncs across any linked cards.
    For example, if a column header titled May 20 is selected, all data for May 20 is displayed on other cards with this dimension.
    Note: You can only select one row or column at a time. 
  2. When deselecting a row or column, tap on a grid cell. 

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