Context selectors on the mobile app allow you to switch between dimension values to change the data that is being displayed. They can be applied to pages or cards with more than two dimensions.

When you choose a value on a context selector, you change the data displayed on a page to that of the selected value.

If a page has context selectors, you'll see an All button at the top-left of the screen. The number in the blue box to the right of All indicates how many context selectors there are on the page.  

If you don't see any context selectors at the bottom of the page, it may mean:

To apply one context selector:

  1. If you're applying context selectors to a card, expand it first.
  2. Tap the context selector for the dimension value and make your selection.
  3. If there are a long list of values to select from, type the first few characters of the value in the search field at the top of the contact.
  4. Tap Apply

You can also apply multiple context selectors from the same screen without having to apply each context selector individually.

To apply multiple context selectors:

  1. Tap All
  2. Make your first selection.
  3. Tap Select to choose a different dimension value and make your next selection. Repeat until you have made all the selections.
  4. Tap Apply,

To reset all context selectors and restore the default values for a page, tap All > Reset all.