You can view your recently accessed models in Home. Alternatively, open the Models page to display all the models you have access to within your tenant.

On the Home page, you can toggle between Card view and List view to choose how your recently accessed models display.

List view displays further details about your models. This includes which workspace each model is in, which models are offline, and when you last visited each model. 

To view all the models in the current tenant, select View all models in the upper right of the Home dialog.

To sort the models, select Name, Workspace, Status, or Last visited. The list order changes to the details in the column you select.

Enter key terms in the search field at the top to display only the models with those terms in their names.

You can filter models in the right-hand panel by:

  • Workspace
  • Mode: filter models by  Standard, Deployed, and Locked.
  • Status: Online or Offline.
  • Category, if categories have been set by your tenant administrator.

Select the Reset all in the top right-hand corner of the Filters pane, to clear filters.

Favorite models are marked with a star .

To set a model as a favorite:

  • In grid view, select the star in the top right-hand corner of the model's card.
  • In list view, select the star to the right of the model. Favorite models display on the right-hand side of the page, by last visited date.

Models that have been set as favorites are displayed first in the list of models.

Note: You can only view archived models or check what mode a model is in from the Model Management dialog. Only workspace administrators can manage models