Use Anaplan for Microsoft 365 to access your Anaplan card data in Microsoft 365.

You can insert grid cards and chart cards as data in Excel.  You can't insert data from custom views. This ensures that data remains private, as page builders can choose to hide data in a custom view. 

You can't insert cards as data in Word or PowerPoint documents. 

To insert a card in the add-in, you must save it as a card template in the UX.

List-formatted line items show as dropdown lists in editable cells. You can have a maximum of 32,767 items per list. 

When a list contains more than 32,767 items, dropdown lists are not available. 

To connect to modules and saved views, instead of cards, use the Excel Add-in or PowerPoint Add-in.

Anaplan for Microsoft 365 is different to Anaplan Excel Add-in in a few ways. It isn't a direct replacement for the Excel Add-in. Anaplan for Microsoft 365 extends the Anaplan platform into Microsoft applications for fast, flexible, and accessible analysis and report creation. You can insert Anaplan UX cards into your documents as images or data, refresh the live connections, and customize how data is visualized. The main differences are:

Anaplan for Microsoft 365Excel Add-in (also applies to PowerPoint Add-in)
Connect with Anaplan UX cards.Connect with Anaplan modules.
Multiple connections per sheet per model.Single connections per sheet.
No upgrade installation required.Upgrade required for every new release.
Work online and offline.
Aligned with Microsoft's roadmap.
5 million cell limit per connection.1 million cell limit per connection.
Windows and Mac, desktop and browser access.Windows on desktop access only.

Anaplan for Microsoft 365 is part of your Anaplan subscription. It's available via desktop or through your browser on Windows or Mac.

Install the latest version of your Microsoft 365 applications. Some features of the add-in may not be available in older versions of Microsoft 365 applications. The minimum required versions for use with the add-in are Microsoft Office 2019 and Office 365. 

The add-in supports Google Chrome. Other browsers are not supported.

Additionally, you can use the add-in on iOS or Android tablet devices through the Office website. You cannot use the add-in on mobile devices, or through the standalone office apps.

User authentication in Anaplan is inherited by the add-in.

To get started, install the add-in through your browser or desktop version of Microsoft 365.

Once you've installed the add-in, sign in to access its features.                 

You use the Anaplan sidebar to access the add-in's features. The sidebar also contains options to change settings, access support, and links to the Extensions Community.       

Anaplan for Microsoft 365 and the Excel Add-in and PowerPoint Add-ins can be installed on the same machine. You can create a report with a mix of content from an Office add-in and Anaplan for Microsoft 365.

For example, you can use the PowerPoint Add-in to retrieve a module view and Anaplan for Microsoft 365 to insert a chart from a card template within the same report. Connections created with other Office add-ins cannot be refreshed in Microsoft 365 and vice versa.